Ancestral Re-Coding Through Your Multi-Dimensional DNA


This activation will work with the first two strands of your DNA to start re-coding patterns you've inherited from your ancestors. This is an important foundation to the multi-dimensional DNA process and it is my gift to you.

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Acurda is a specialist in working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. She teaches people to access these codes in their holographic blueprints and re-code in order to live to their highest potential. It is her passion to teach people to heal their DNA, by showing how to clear destructive DNA patterns from ancestral lineage, trauma, dis-ease, AI technology and re-code them for activation and alignment with their wholeness, soul sourced mission, and purpose.

She works with recoding light structure of holographic genetic information, bio geometry, akashic field threading, hybrid genetics, and other multi-dimensional realms. Acurda is leading programs on the transformation of the triple helix DNA for the evolution of humanity and leaving a new genetic lineage of light.

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