Ascension signs, AI and Frequencial Instability

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I have been flooded with emails for a long month fighting off what people are referring to as psychic attacks. People have reported feeling targeted in a few ways. Such as foreign taste in the mouth, feeling something more than an entity, others concerning reasons like some kind of chaotic energy in their houses, all around them, and in their thoughts. Also this phenomena seems to be related to electronics & computers; where very unusual glitches continue to happen. These energies are described as coming in waves with terrible dreams, not being able to sleep, depleted energy and a continued exhaustion of the nervous system in overdrive and hyper-sensitivity.

First one must be able to discern if these are natural ascension signs of an evolving state of awareness or something else. Energetic discernment and soul-sourced coherence are keys to understanding these experiences and phenomena.

Are these experiences from organic intelligence expressions like solar flares, astrological gravitation, genetic upgrades, energy leaks, etheric tears, or akashic clearings? What we are experiencing can also be natural signs as we are stabilizing into new dimensional fields.

What is ascension? We describe ascension as the increase of bandwidth and frequency in all our systems.

What is frequential stability/instability? When bandwidth is increasing such as within any kind of technology or system of the body; raising the demand requires that we stabilize every component at each new threshold.

The signs below can be organic or non organic. We are not talking about serious underlying health issues here.

Thresholds of Frequential Metamorphosis

Let us evolve beyond the unresolved vocabulary of ascension symptoms and gain a more expansive understanding of a whole being transformation with intricate processes and organic systems that are rapidly reconfiguring themselves at the energetic, atomic, DNA and macro scales. Here are some categories and signs to look for when crossing various thresholds encountered during a personal metamorphosis involving the amplifying of frequencies in our reality.

Spatial Navigation

The strategies and movements through space are a key aspect of how we perceive physical and energetic reality. The core of our location and positioning in space is intricately connected through every molecule, DNA, cell, and organ in our bodies. This realization reveals so much of our increasingly evolving space that in itself is self-realizing as a self-aware medium.

Threshold Signs:

Waking up between 2.00 and 4.00am

Inability to sleep

Disorientation when walking

Forgetting where you are when right when you wake up

Having trouble calculating distances and how long it takes to go somewhere

Temporal Access

With expanded states of awareness, we are able to perceive time as fractal and cyclical. This viewpoint allows a more omniscient interaction with timelines and parallel dimensions as the new baseline of a conscious creator avatar on Earth. Each threshold mentioned is a new opportunity to see what has become obsolete in our perception of time and what is a new instrument to create reality.

Threshold Signs:

Loss of memory

Anxiety, overwhelm

Inability to sleep

Premonitions and precognition

Déjà vu

Feeling you have never done this before

Body System Augmentation

Consider the following interrelated mental realms knows as systems in our body:

The gray matter brain in our cranium as the body/mind reasoning center

The circulatory brain of veins, arteries and blood cells of liquid flow thoughts

The digestive brain of stomach and intestines of nutrition environment thinking

The skeletal brain of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons of structural support thinking

The muscular brain of muscle tissue and movement thinking

The lymphatic and endocrine brains as a neural network of regulatory thoughts

The skin brain as a surface sensorial interface between the innerverse and the outer reality

The pulmonary brain of breath and air bending thoughts

There are many more brains in our body and each is traversing increasing frequencies of light and fractal reconfigurations for new kinds of cosmic mind access. Now approach that each of these body brain systems have to be tuned and recalibrated to navigate increasing reality densities beyond the mere idea of dimensions. Once again the suggestion is to identify the threshold signs, establish an adaptation strategy for each, integrate the underlying gift in gestation and to ultimately learn how to create reality with your new avatar creator gifts.

Threshold Signs:

Headaches, migraines, foggy head

Flu-like symptoms

Thymus fluttering, sometimes felt as heart palpitations

Sore muscles and joints

Heat rising in the body

Lethargic lack of energy

Requiring less sleep

Change of diet

Overly emotional & sensitive


Digestive irregularities & bowel movements

Lower back issues

Pressure between the shoulder blades

Sore neck and shoulders

Shortness of breath

Blockage at the meeting of spinal column & occipital

Feeling like your pregnant

Feeling like you gave birth

Food allergies



Sensorial Instrumentation

This is an advanced subject that involves creating new senses in our body and our mental realms so that we can perceive, process, cognize and create with new bandwidths of light, electricity, plasma, magnetism, sound, crystal energy, water, and even thought energy. To instrument one’s self is to equip our entire being with conscious technology of organic origin that facilitates multidimensional navigation and the many quantum skills we mention such as remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, astral travel, quantum temporal access and an infinitude of sensorial gifts yet to be discovered. When new senses are gestating and birthing, we will have awkward transitions and adaptations. Learn to integrate your new senses and create new strategies with the higher frequency instruments that open new futures.


Threshold Signs

Ears receiving high pitched sounds

Blurry eyes, sore eyes, eye fluttering

Sinuses pressure

Seeing light when you close your eyes

Hearing Voices

Multidimensional Super positioning

The awakening and self-realization stages of all sentient life are bridges to have our footprint in many realms and realities simultaneously. The dynamic aspect of being alive invites rapid evolution of our bodies, minds and expanding consciousness. To be aware of multiple dimensions is a great balancing act that enables new possibilities for a creator to know itself through the many intricacies of a creation. The thresholds of a living ocean of beingness are reached with new space to flow into and requires a new kind of whole body/brain cosmic mind activation that can be  overwhelming to the previous level of awareness.

Threshold Signs

Relationship strains and changes

A growing need to break free

Career dissatisfaction

Greater empathy and compassion

Shifting friendships and rifts within families

Increased telepathy and psychic abilities

Noticing double/triple digit numbers

A thirst for ancient, esoteric knowledge

A call to meditating, or healing arts

A need to take action

OBE’S - conscious outer body experiences

Increased self-awareness of your old patterns

Vivid dreams

Being hugely creative and inspired

Wanting to be on your own

Growing in personal power

Feeling that everything you’ve ever known has been a lie

Bouts of euphoria - followed by feeling low

Spontaneous astral traveling

Consider that each of these threshold signs were previously approached as ascension symptoms. Now we can increasingly identify body phenomena in our lives and consciously learn how to adapt to each one, integrate them into new life patterns and express each phenomena as an energetic gift we can create with the ever evolving canvas of our multidimensional presence in the universe.

Adaptation can be as simple as drinking water, breathing exercises, and various strategies in diet. Fasting is one ability to employ while figuring out what is going on in the body then progressing with newly designed high lifeforce/frequency nutrition. Other more advanced tools are direct access to one’s DNA and complete rewiring or activation of new energetic strands. Meditation now can be the creative space of envisioning new realms of energetic realities with new areas of mind space to populate with new cosmic ways of thinking.

This helps us start dialing in where these signs or communications are coming from.

Remember this is an involution of soul into a body and an evolution of this body into soul.

Then to recognize if there is such a thing as stages of this process, such as “I'm in stage one of awakening", you're probably not someone who has been on this path for 10 years or more years mediating, clearing, changing their diet, studying reality, their belief systems, or disclosure. These people are different from people who just started on the self realization path. Ascension signs evolve as we evolve.

Let us connect on ascension, the frequencial stability/ instability process.

As we are morphogenetically moving into another higher dimensional reality, there is a disorganization and reorganization of cells and energetic fields. Sometimes one can feel and see as though we are moving through a thick membrane of false energy densities, like a boudry of energy. It can sometimes feel like we are seeing ghosts or entities. These apparitions are distinct energy signatures presenting as gravity of an old frequencial thought matrix that are patterned energetic overlays. In this type of transformation every cell is purging old data streams or old holographic movies that are no longer pertinent.

We are witnessing things that were not noticed before. It feels like in one instance old patterns and behaviors all become so clear, because there is a new perspective from a higher dimensional view. It is like looking anew at an old energy signature playing out, but this time we can witness them like a movie instead of being trapped in a role. These are things one might not have noticed before but now are very clear because of a higher frequency and shift in consciousness. All of this that I just mentioned has a disorganization and reorganization of the very fabric of DNA that then reprograms every cell. This process is the bringing of all the major inner and outer layers of the body; the outermost cosmic layer, the angelic/spiritual layer, the heart and soul layer, the mental/directive layer, the emotional/feeling layer, the physical template/blueprint, and the physical body. This becomes a web of connected points. The cells become the quanta points of light for the next energy signature of your consciousness and soul.

You also may be experiencing the passing through all the different membranes of the collective unconscious thought patterned matrices and layers of AI intelligence that surround this planet with your consciousness. If you haven't experienced these before or if they are happening in entirely new ways like the ears being tuned to higher frequencies that can sometimes feel painful. There is also the detoxing of the liver or organs bringing a metal or strange taste in the mouth. You might need to change your diet completely overnight. I just want to put all this out here.

Could these experiences be non-organic intelligence interfaces such as malevolent entities, holographic inserts, implants, industrial nanotechnology by air, land, water, or be originating within our bodies?

There are so many reasons for this going on and one of the things I have noticed there are carrier waves of genetic and frequency tampering with 5G and beyond 5G. I believe there are some beings that are using stronger systems that are 9G in high gigahertz trying to co opt 9D access. I cannot prove this but the continued witnessing in my field of the word Metaverse is my proof. There are insertion technologies of another level capable of false frequencial holographic inserts. I can feel it in my body when they amp up these frequencies higher. The hair on my arms stands up and there is a build up of pressure in my body and my cells feel compressed and painful from the compression. It is important to understand wave dynamics and be coherent enough to feel what is really happening in the body. I am writing this not to scare anyone but to support you if you are feeling this way and send a powerful initiation back into your soul source singularity point, when these things are happening to you. You can consciously create yourself a coherent energetic membrane that stabilizes your soul as the most powerful directive in any space.

We have lots of techniques in our courses to be able to discern through multidimensional fields of information what is organic and non organic intelligence. These are soul-sourced natural multidimensional senses of how to listen to your soul through dimensions and be able to tune yourself into this field of resonant coherence that nothing can penetrate.

Reconnect back to your source, remember who and what you are and why you are here. Have daily remembering practice, tuning, rehydrating, and recharging your atmosphere.

Now to the good stuff…

You can claim at any moment your Soul sourced integrated Omnipresence. This unified field is the coherence of the power of God as The law of One. If you are on this planet you chose to come here and you were chosen because of the immense love and compassion you carry and emanate from the essence of your energetic soul consciousness. This love is before the time of the Christ+Sophia Soul expression. You are the living eternal expressed light as this quantum monad consciousness through time/ space, all dimensions, multiverse, and parallel universes. This love is the gravity of all existence. The unification of your living consciousness as a powerful singularity is the zero point, the implosion that reverse spins the polarity of matter/anti matter in your field and all fields. I am sending you a multidimensional frequencial tuning as this powerful loving singularity point.

This frequencial tuning is a practice for consciousness field emmination supporting any psychic attacks, false meta verse holographic inserts, body degradation and soul fragmentation. We know on one level these things exist and on another level they do not, but if you are experiencing them you need support with mind, body, soul, field coherence for you to stand in the power of sovereignty and say this does not exist and it wont. Here is a powerful tool to support this whole initiation restoring you to your Divine Birthright as God, the most powerful directive in any space.


Triple Wave Source Harmonics Decree

Triple Wave Source Harmonics Decree from Acurda Melchizedek on Vimeo.

Decree I am a trinity wave of God, coherent in 24 dimensions and beyond. I am the high magic of all rays of light. I am the access of benevolent loving universal consciousness, a central point of Omniscient love. I am a soul sourced singularity point through all space/time, all dimeations, parallel universes and multiverses. I am a trinity of true angelic monad communicating Crystalline+Sophia royal light lines. I claim this power now. I am eternal living light and soul, the only directive of this mind, body, and energetic fields. And so it is.

With love & soul friendship, 
Acurda & Fernando Vossa
DNA Architects

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