DNA Divine Natural Access, Part 1

Hello Beloved!!
Here is an except from The Holographic Human from Cell to Soul Course.
This is a concept Fernando and I are expanding on as DNA as Divine natural access and the Mantel of existence. This is an attempt at the roundness of our genetics.

Master: acquire complete knowledge or skill.

Ancestor: from whom one is descended.

Novas: a star that suddenly increases its luminosity many millions of times its original brightness.

Template: a pattern used to guide form.

Electric: a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles, a state or feeling of thrilling excitement.

Love/Light: make (something) start burning; ignite, the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, a profoundly tender, passionate affection.

DNA Divine Natural Access

I wanted to talk a little bit about the vastness of the ocean in a very expressive, poetic way while using devotional language.

How would you descried the vastness that is the ocean DNA?

This is a simple question why do you love DNA?

What do you love about it?

Describe this in terms of a realm of Divinity to establish this frequency communication.

If you were to stick your head inside this realm of your genetic coding, what would one see that moves your heart and purpose of life?

This love desire is the soul wanting to sail this genetic ocean, taking all the risks of life on a sail boat, feeling each wave, building a craft specifically to experience this oceanic enormity.

If you did this poetically what would this journey be like?

What if you took this epic journey and came back.

What would you share with others about your experience?

I have had several remarkable experiences through DNA. One experience I had was with ayahuasca following my own DNA light encode fractals. All of the portals you see through Shipibo language on their beautiful tapestry designs are cymatic patterned frequencies of beings, portals to other dimensions of information and fractalized communication. Sometimes these are frequencies of beings and interdimeationl spaces.

In ceremony within myself every frequency glyph was a portal, a door for me to open with genetic memories. The plant was the vine accented like the light fabric through my DNA, asking me what aspect of myself would I like to experience. Every door was an omniversal moment of my choice to experience.

What frequency level was I willing to see and participate in?

First it started with my direct memories from this present life witnessing showing me this is real, see you participated here and here, at this moment and this moment. I could feel my participation my choices created the stored information like mini movies of moving picture, frame by frame. Doors of my genetics began to open taking me through light passages seeing and feeling different lives I had lived, humans, animals, planets, solar systems, galaxies.

I felt everything that had ever happened as my witnessing soul, entire galaxies of divine oneness happened in these moments and everything in this realm I could access. My birthright unlocked here. So I began to go through different doors asking questions, photonic light pictures of stored information coming to my visual witnessing. Every question I asked different pictures would show up of ancestors, beings, civilizations on other planets, space travel through andromeda.

I knew DIVINTY was being shown to me. The Master Ancestral communication of everything.

DNA is the Divine Natural Access.

I could feel the power of this frequency in every cell of of my being.

When we desire to take soul descriptions of what we see and feel as communication, telepathy of the soul traveling through DNA. DNA then becomes an organic technology of divine natural access for our journey with great conscious loving detail.

This breakthrough of exciting creative expression is wanting to describe something, a new light language. We are inviting you to participate within your soul glyphs. Having full creative freedom to explore a place where you're swimming through space and you're describing it live to yourself.  This is one of breakthroughs in DNA cymatics.

We are asking several things that are not easy for people. One were talking about something abstract that people can't see unless you have a new kind of vision that invites a different part of your brain, body and communication with your knowing. The other part is to feel full comfort as you're doing this, that you're really describing something that exists that is you. To not describe it as something that is outside of you but to say I was able to see this with in me.

This is magic.

MANTEL is this realm of what we call DNA this includes access to our ancestors. A master ancestor continuously coding inside the cosmic akashic language of light. An ancestral genetic inheritance of light through us as us.

Mantel: a beam or stone, arch serving as lintel support the masonry above a fireplace.

Mantle: a loose sleeveless garment worn over other clothes, a cloak.

Man: human being

Hue: a property of colors by which can be perceived as ranging in wavelength.

Tell: to relate in detail; narrative

Being: the quantity or state of having existence.

DNA is our quantum cosmic genetic inheritance of light language. This module is to see what we would consider are the mechanisms of divine natural access. The soul coding of having an intention and expressing it as life, wether it is a creature, cell, plant, planet, plasma, energy. This is the next breakthrough of understanding DNA.

What is the lifestyle of this chemistry and energy doing in a living sense?

This is being able to describe the dimension as a living realm not the scientific method of amnio acids that combine with bases of codons. This description of DNA has lost us in a way. Lost the divinity as a vehicle of source.

Within this is the roll of sacred geometry in DNA, a light language of soul course communication. Taking ownership of this control panel as you would a muscle you're training that is you. Is what is required here and now.

Some athletes take the mechanical route of athletics. A coach will say do it this way and like the training of a dancer or runner. But they're people who do this as an awakening devotion—a spiritual slam-dunk.

An ice skater, volleyball player, pole vaulter, goes into a zone that is beyond what the coach can say. This is where we want to get to with DNA—this level of being ness.


In racing, car drivers can go a range of RPMS that people are used to driving around the street. Their car usually stays at between 2000 & 4000 RPMS. Race car drivers drive at 7000 up to 9000 RPMS. This is unheard of for a machine because this is where these kinds of speeds starts breaking down machines. The metal and gears pull apart, oil starts disintegrating and everything stats failing. But the finessing of that mechanical body for extended life of a car for a driver is to know the real fine line. The line an athlete knows where you're doing something with your body that would break bones, tear up ligaments if you didn't do it as a well orchestrated thought of movement that requires no thought.

There is a point pole vaulters and speed runners when you ask them about their experience, they will tell you they stepped into their lives purpose. They discovered something that is being in a state of presence that they are breaking the laws of physics.

We are inviting the energy this took in terms of regeneration like a master who has learned the art of finessing the language and then breaking past it. Showing a reality that hasn't been seen before. In a state of your body at a certain age going through a certain level of life experience you're ready to speak the language of being ness. The knowing of how everything just works, because you're creating it. I would say dreaming awake in flow state, lucid dreaming, but in every moment of all your realities. You want to get in the flow state with all of these photonic light memories, potentials and communications. Actively picking and choosing what one of these potentials is going to be expressed. Accessing all the gifts you're going to create with from all the moments of all ancestors past, great and future.

If we were to create a storyboard of sorts of designed holographic descriptions, somebody would look and experience that hologram as if it was projected around them, like forward envisioning the way we're going to teach DNA in the future. This would be an active participation not like you're watching a movie, or reading a book. In the future you will be able to interact live with your own DNA assisted by conscious organic technology, that no longer is going to be a gene sequencer. No longer a laboratory full of people in hazmat suits taking samples in a petri dish of DNA, then putting that sample in a blood spinner to keep it alive. Look at the process of the way we interact with DNA right now. Anytime we extract DNA we are disintegrating its original energetic potency, the further that it is away form the original source the more corrupted it gets. There is no amount of technology that can do what we can do consciously through the body with intention, clarity of focus and high level design.

There will be at some point a high consciousness that will design energetic instruments that right now are very difficult to perceive. In the near future the visualizations, mediations, medicine realm, and scientific researchers are going to merge into one deep spiritual divine scientific sect of intentions that will result in new bodies, brain cells, right on the spot. These are timelines that are completely organic technology. All of the things we're doing with technology spaceships, teleportation devices, gene sequencing can be done organically with the full power of source and soul intentions.

We are taking about avatar spaces. You bring yourself into a realm that is like going into a temple, dream state, a self induced high conscious altered state awareness. This may involve physical motion; move your hands in a particular way connecting one strand of DNA to another and threading it as a dance, to me this is a technology. Martial arts, Chi Gong, yoga are organic technologies. I am establishing an organic conscious DNA nano technology. You will be able to access something that you and your organic body will be able to learn like those techniques of dancers, and athletes, that are breaking the laws of physics. It is physical with your body and from your mind bringing out your infinite potentiality.

Recently Fernando had a DNA packet open. He was looking at ducks in a pond and feeling into the movement of light, sunlight on the surface of everything interacting. Energetics of presentation of a nature scene, ducks flying forming beautiful triangles of formation in the sky and right then he saw a living scale, that this planet earth and all nature on it is a molecule of DNA moving through space. Just like when you have a molecule of an amino acid because DNA is amino acids. DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is a mixture of acids--nucleic acid, the main information-carrying molecule of the cell and the nucleus acid, the acid that makes the bond of molecules.

In the vision, he saw a star moving through the plenum, the medium of space, surrounded by its family of planets and moons as a DNA molecule. This movement is the description of a vortex torrid. Torrid means it's like a donut, the sun in the center with all the planets moving in their orbits, moving through space leaving behind a spiraling trail. The earth makes its own spiral, the moon makes its own spiral and they are all intertwined to the spiral of the sun. As the entire system moves through space it forms a multi-level thread of fractal threads, this means they are little tiny thin threads of light trails. There are bigger planetary threads like Jupiter leaving a bigger trail. The whole solar system is another strand; there are stands of strands embedded threaded spirals. I'm sure it's more elegant and sophisticated multi-layered than this but for the moment we will stay with this.

What is happening on each planet and moon is sentient life. Bugs, humans, trees, germs, each one of us has this smaller threadiness. Imprinting threads of light as this whole system is moving across space and within it; it is writing down instructions of DNA to simplify and amplify divinity. You can stick your head inside these threads to follow the earth as it is moving through space and have the ability to be in the hologram of one of these little threads of light. You can read the results of all life on earth from the sophisticated programming of one acid molecule of DNA, in a body that's bigger than we can imagine, that also has embedded ness in itself.

What we do in this life through vision, just like with the ducks on that pond, is what is moving DNA; your presence, your soul being in this body experiencing earth having this journey of human life can be seen as one packet of holographic information. This holographic light language is not information it's another kind of construct we don't have language for yet—life/soul experience packets. Experiences like having a child or feeling like your heart has been broken coupled with the motion of your body mean the way your body moves through your life is the way your mind moves, and the way your emotions rise are the light language of amino acid programming of DNA.

The Master Ancestor part of this is sitting on a planet, made up of ancestors. Earth itself is governed by natural life as a genetic inheritance. The Novas Template is the vision intention of the soul, the creator, the artist that comes together with what has been and will be. Like when you step in front of a canvas to paint and pick up a brush. You are living a life—your life as a brush of all these different colors. It's a unique painting that is taking place. That is the Novas Template part, the new canvas of the MANTEL. The canvas is made up of the ancestry of what has been. Your presence and intention create an energy we call Electric Love or Light; this is what you bring to the picture of the Creator knowing Itself. So as you're watching nature, having a life, living on a plant, an incarnation, you have written one little code of loving DNA.

A code of what is the question?

Who's DNA are we in?


The inner versal DNA inside your own body has another level of embedded ness in each cell. Each cell is a planet in your body that has even yet another layer. This is where we keep saying at some point you would have to have a different kind of mind and a different kind of brain to understand this level of complexity. MANTEL is a realm that describes all life-encoding DNA. The instructions inform the DNA the way it is supposed to work. This understanding is not going to be found by scientists with some kind of chemical law that says amino acids can only bond a certain way. Combinations of scientific rules and sets have to include all life and love. They have to include life as an actual physical/energetic/Creator experience of life.

Humans have very complicated multi-level ways of doing this; simpler-celled organisms are easier to study down to one atom of life. The stages of an atom from one particle of life joining a wave (an actual wave of sound, thought, love, or emotion) are threaded together. Wave and particle is where we want to go to get to the answers to the other questions we asked.

Someday we will have a way to describe this so you can see it in front of you and inside of yourself,  where we will be able to go and reach for a molecule of life. Here is the molecule of giving birth to a child or a sunflower about to bloom. There are such vast amounts we don't have words for yet, it's not information, it's not knowledge, it's something much much grander.

Personally, whenever I have a birth moment in my life—a new idea, inspiration, to me—it is tied to this. As we grow in our consciousness, the ability to access any life event of an animal, plant, mineral, energetic, a life cycle of electric impulse, thought plasma fields, will be as fascinating and sophisticated to us as the life cycle of a tadpole. When we get to understanding complete thoughts of complete life cycles this would be one way within the instruction set of an amino acid of a plant made up of all the waves through experiences of life. This is where crystals come in. When life has crystalized its life cycle and knowledge, it's forward envisioning and placing new intentions of next. Your ancestors are the growing crystals in your body; trees have crystals in them that were projected from their ancestors to refract light in a new way.


What I saw traveling through crystalline consciousness threads are these threads are traveling throughout bodies and through the solar system. Plasma has threads. Light has threads.Carbon has threads all of these are master energetic forms. Plasma, light, and carbon have mastered the ability of sovereign unification. If we truly want to be coherent we must become coherent will of these different kinds of threads. Being able to actualize them through the loving mind consciousness of this body feels like the empowerment of working with ancestral energetic allies for new creations. We are the answers to the prayers and intentions of our ancestors.

What is happening when we look at a world like our Earth that has water, beauty, animals thriving with life and you look at another planet the seems like it has no life, poor air quality for sustaining life, and harsh landscapes?

What is happening here?

What are the threads?

How are they connected?

Look at how you feel when you walk into an art gallery and see a variety of art styles such as abstract, modern, and impressionist art or canvases with splashes of color that to us have no form. This is a planet made of ammonia based on chemicals we don't understand as a gas giant consciousness. One approach is to say I’d like more planets like me. I want more water bodies. Another way of seeing this is what are other artists' other versions of you? What have they done with the alchemy of the universe? Then you can see and observe the beauty of an exotic unique expression of DNA as communication from other artists.

How do you understand abstract art?

Dali’s Surrealism is like one of the exotic moons of Saturn, Pan, or Atlas. You learn to morph yourself through mental alchemy into this realm so you can feel it.  I would say there is a consciousness alchemy happening in Dali’s paintings with clocks walking around or melting

Higher states of awareness can create a crystal body; it can create an ammonia body of consciousness so that we can explore the energetic eden of different intentions. This way we have variety.

In unity consciousness, all is one; everything is made up of the same thing, made by one consciousness, one uniting presence. The other is the word being made manifest. The ability that oneness creates more oneness to know itself and take this alchemy as ancestral soul presence as light, geometry, and intention of how I would like to be and designs what happens. Because the light through DNA is organizing the light language at all levels. This gets facilitated out through our holographic nature. I would also say through my experience that these geometries and encoded light spectrums that we are creating are the founding principles for all genetics in the entire omniverse, in different frequential orders. Maybe in higher spectrums of vibration sound with different encoded colors, more complex geometries moving faster from carbon to crystal to plasma to hydrogen experiences. This is the key to understating the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and our star family; this is the key to understanding all life in our universe.

We are going to explore ourselves first with the possibility of our own conscious organizational energetic genetic patterns through the human genome. By this, we can experience all the other glorious genomes communicating to us.

The language we have covered is incomplete thoughts, having a new kind of brain was the first step of jumping into these realms. This is how we're developing telepathy and tele-empathy with other beings by experiencing the genetic coding of these being through this work. This is how we're developing multi-dimensional, multi-being telepathy. Telepathy is being able to stick yourself into a realm like you stuck your head into the communication of the heart, this includes teleportation, telekinesis, and remote viewing; all of these are a oneness act and once you step into it you see it is all related.

Energetic fibers of crystalline, carbon, electricity, gravity enable abilities that create the connection of highly developed senses for us to have quantum synesthesia. The liquid mind is what this is really about. A mind that can move and form itself cymatically in thought, can mimic, modulate, alchemize itself for understanding and of inner presence.

You are resonating your mind in sympathy, in symphony to another frequency to understand dolphins.

Where is your mind when you want to step into this realm?

This telepathic tuning is what is causing new crystals. My experience with animal communication has been so far that when you are trying to communicate with an animal or plant, words don't work; they don't understand words. They understand pictures and emotions. They communicate in pictures and sounds and you translate this communication into words and knowing. This is the ability to communicate on the spot as a creator being. Don't try to make it into words or symbols but go ahead and invent something right there to communicate with animals or your soul. I also have experienced having true communication with animals it is a complete silent beingness and love. The more love you can move into the more they will come closer and communicate with you.

A sympathetic (symphonic) vibration is like having a tuning fork in one frequency and taking another sentient tuning fork and just by getting them close to each other, they start moving and vibrating together on their own.

What is happening here?

Does the other tuning fork have a bias?

No, it allows itself to be tuned. Material, sound, metal, and crystal have the ability to resonate at any frequency. Any form of matter can resonate alchemically as any other form of matter. Crystals know about plasma; plasma knows about electricity; electricity knows about water. We are all oneness again in the physics of it. This is the realm of living systems that can resonate with each other as a dolphin that understands a butterfly that understands Omega.

The reason humans have lost their ability to communicate with animals is that we have developed cities and places that don't have much beauty in them. We are constantly in vibrational patterns of non-beauty and this is not how the animal kingdom works. This is not of energetic loving symmetry to their vibrational patterned communication because they come from a place of natural flow, oneness, beauty—direct understanding as coherent living light.

There are infinite states of mind that can be described as energy. We have described the minds of water, sound, crystal, plasma, magnets, and consciousness and we have described a liquid mind that can flow through all states of knowledge. We have talked about the plasma mind, the electric mind, and these other forms of "understanding" that we're calling sympathetic resonance—being able to vibrate or move through your cymatic pattern into any energy state.

The movements of cymatic patterns phasing in and out of our sight are beautiful. Even the cymatic patterns we can't see through the vision of the low-tech cameras are moving and shifting through dimensions. They are connecting with all other different types of patterns. They are receiving information on other levels and bringing it forward as an orchestration into our dimension for witnessing. But it has all the possible information of all universes and all states of presence.

If we have a solar system that has giant gas planets, water planets, earth planets, and other exotic forms of life, we need a different mind for understanding. We are going to see full bodies of plasma planets, electric planets, planets made out of pure sound.

When you approach a sound field in your lightship, a field in space of an entire sound galaxy, made up of just movement is not going to be matter. If our minds are the templates and temple buildings as these states of consciousness, of an electric being, of a plasma being, of a crystal mind, of a water mind, we will be able to explore universes with a whole different way of understanding— a shapeshifting light.

Now we're getting to see the different states of matter which I prefer to call different states of mind. We have electric, light, sound, plasma, water, magnetic, crystal, matter states, and there will be more as we understand thought itself—remember these are infinite. Thoughts are a form of energy that we have not even described the physics of yet. It should elegant and sophisticated. We really don't know what electricity is yet but we know what it does. This is the first step we can do here in the course.

We are giving a sampling, an introduction to the beginning states of consciousness that one could experience with DNA.

If we're talking about a carbon-based being having a carbon-based mind then what kind of mind is a carbon-based mind?

Why are we not a hydrogen-based body and mind?

There is more hydrogen in our solar system than anything else.

We don't know yet because we haven't described what a mind is yet. When we get to this ability then we will say what is the mind and thoughts of crystal beings. What are they made out of in the terms of consciousness physics? When beings are described as civilization like Pleiadians becoming crystal then evolving out of bodies to become pure energy then what are their thoughts and intentions made out of? This is Galatic conscious archeology.

Now we're stepping into the Tree of Life. The Tree of Immortality is made of this MANTEL knowledge. This involves a rewiring of our bodies, evolution of humanity's consciousness to step into understanding the duality tree of knowledge of good and evil is false, the understanding of DNA has now just taken a whole quantum leap into new understanding. When we talk about immortality, not ego-based immortality, we are talking about driving at 7000-9000 rpms where time and space no longer affect you. We have glimpses of this state; childbirth is one of these experiences. As is any super performance on earth where we break the laws of physics by peering into the area where all possibilities are in front of us.

When we look at living creatures such as dolphins, each form of life has mastered and embodied different forms of mind. I would say dolphins and crustaceans have embodied the liquid mind that runs on sound; its several dimensions at once. There are many more fascinating communications from crustaceans the shape of their bodies, the way they move through a medium.

The way we walk on land is different than the way dolphins move through water; it's a different mind. The thoughts have a different quality to them. If you could see the cymatic patterns of a dolphin’s life swimming through water if you put it side by side with the imprint of humans walking through air.

What might we see?

Walking around breathing air versus swimming breathing air, if you were able to look at the cymatic patterns of both, looking at the intersections of these two patterns would give you insight into the quality of thoughts of the mind and artistry of the soul of these beings. The soul artistry that can create movement through water versus the soul experience of moving through the earth.

What are the cymatic patterns of an earthworm moving through the earth?

Or a microbe moving through crystals?

There are creatures that embed themselves in amber to move through time in a space capsule.

If you wanted to encode a message of life forever where would you hide the message?


Right now we're getting a little tiny glimpse of this with cryptocurrency. People are saying "I'm going to release some intellectual property and I'm going to hide it in the code of the blockchain". The blockchain is the bank that you can't point at where your information is and you can't steal it because it's everywhere. This right here is a small understanding of how we are moving through dimensions in the life-encoding eternal voice of God if you would like to say it poetically in DNA. It is a continual dialogue.


Let us look at some creatures that we have already talked about, little itty bitty diatoms. These tiny beings are made up of silica and calcium. How many different forms of diatoms have we seen in pictures that look like crystals, cymatic patterns, and geometric light language? These thought patterns of consciousness are a part of intelligent life that have the most varieties of bodies in the realm of crystals that we have seen so far. The diatoms have mastered crystal thought. They can give you any geometry. We have diatoms that are hexagonal, dodecahedron in form this is a mind. This is a direct communication of the witnessing opportunity of the crystalline nature of our DNA. You can look at slides of thousands of different forms of diatoms and there are millions of diatoms like grains of sand. This is a master ancestor communication. You are these crystals–shapeshifters of reality. We should have a shapeshifting temple.


Now we're stepping into a more complete thought of DNA as MANTEL. The MANTEL has three sections. Master ancestor part is the first corner of the triangle like a tetrahedron, little sphere realm, is all the encoded information that came before you. The Akashic Records of all life crystal cymatic imprinting of everything that came before you is one whole sequenced realm.

If you were going to write a formula of MANTEL it would start in one corner of a triangle.

The other corner or realm is the novas template the preparation of a new canvas. Completely open free infinite potential. As life is contagiously changing you can't pinpoint life and say this is life, like a tree. There is no such thing as pointing to a tree and saying this is a tree it's a whole genome of conciseness.

The next point or realm at the bottom of the base of the triangle after what came before is wants coming next, life is always coming next. It's always changing and the grid is the light electric/love, the mind of God the energy that moves the other two.

This is the first geometry of a fractal pattern to be written down then it grows into 3D dimensions and keeps fractalizing beyond.

What is the next, accesses all that is coming from the future. This forms the first tetrahedron of the geometry to describe DNA.


When I first saw the complexity of a Sierpinski Triangle my mind exploded.

Now think about all we mentioned here with MANTEL and think about each triangle, with all its surface area fractalizing out all over the place in all dimensions.

Now think about this in terms of fractalizing love.

To me, the notation of the way we are going to write down the future of DNA is in these holographic experiences. Right now the language is inadequate in the coming consciousness into the eternal living light in the Tree of Life. This language will be so easy, effortless, laughable because we have already ascended living in the Tree of Life. We will see all the geometries in front of us. When we talk about crystallization, the biomineralization of life, to me these new crystals are being formed in our pineal glands, bloodstreams, and plants. This is the mind of the biosphere Earth in exploration as a creator artist getting to know itself. The Tree of Life is a fun place to create it is not a static library.

What are the other trees in the Garden of Eden?

You won't be able to describe them if you can't open to the first two we are describing here. There is a forest of energetic Edens to communicate with. A forest describing dodecahedrons, icosahedrons, spheres, tesseracts, and all living geometries.

I think that Ferando and I will be doing a book on the energetic Eden. Going into the genome communication of each plant and animal on Earth asking into the ascension mastery gift each has for humanity, the emanation of our divine remembrance.

Design your own fauna and flora from the energetic Eden that has never been heard or seen before. Talk to these genetics.

We're so excited about the Tree of Life.

When will you be able to design your own tree of genetics?

A whole new way of understanding life.

This is what we are moving into in this module.

Immortality, to me everlasting being ness, the knowledge of being anywhere and everywhere at once is the entry point, the beginning ticket to stand at the altar and step into what's next. And you cannot take this step unless you create it. On the spot! If I was to say design a tree for me right now another fractal branching of creation can do this without fear. Here we go, novas templet opportunity I'm going to bring in a new light electric/love energy that I am myself sourcing.

This is how a child would do it in their high consciousness. Future universe kids are going to be creating realities and new forms of genetics and genomes that have never been seen before. And all of life with be paying attention. Because creator is getting to know itself, oneness is expressing more of self to know itself in these new forms.

So what's the next step?

Is it pure empathy or a tree of compassion?

When do we get to the point that creativity doesn't scare us anymore. When you know you can create anything you can tap into it. Then MANTEL the understanding of a way to be in this universe will be a loving center of mass creation.

I'm looking forward to this.

Knowing that you have been other beings from other planets and galaxies what does this look like now?

What is the next expression?

Which forms of life do we resonate with when we see pictures and images of dolphins, diatoms, planets, trees your genetics respond to all of it because we have been all of it.

When do we get to the point of being able to create the next comfortable.

Your creations are the monoliths, when somebody sees one of your monolithic visions in tact, as you are presenting it, it is a spontaneous ascension, an awakening just by looking at it. The first time someone saw a Dali painting it broke peoples minds. The first time someone saw a light language creation from a child, or perspective drawing in a cave, it caused a spontaneous awakening on the entire planet.

When you can create and have spontaneous acts of enlightenment the entire planet feels it all at once. When you feel comfortable here then you're in a position beyond liberation, you have liberated yourSelf. The moment you have given yourself full creative license to evoke spontaneous acts of enlightenment for yourself, when you can do this for you're doing it for the whole planet, all generations past, present and future genetic liberation.

This to me is getting closer to what is the real super conscious genetics are doing. Genetics are continual creators. It's the creator being the full artist, with the full pallet, with full creative license. This is the triangle tertiary acts of spontaneous enlightenment. Invites other tuning forks to raise their vibration to you. This is not an ego thing. When you show a painting, sketch, or tell somebody about something the begging part should be a loving potent realm. We are done describing things. Things were from the tree of the false duality of good and evil, this was describing things, the distinction from this thing to that thing. Of God and not God.

The tree of life is unity. Its evolving continual loving creation. When we understand these are realms of experience then we can start talking about other trees. Life is being able to open an aperture, I'm going to incarnate open an aperture to a new way of being. This is the tree of life to me. The Annunaki standing with pine cones, taking seeds out of the tree of life and putting them into people. These beings were tapping into the tree of life what ever your feelings are about this.

I see the seeding of genetics within here and every seed of genetics is this continuous evolving act of enlightenment with any plant, animal, crystal we have the opportunity to communicate with a whole realm of experience and become unified with. To unite with. Freedom always finds a way.

When we start to overwhelm the so called AI with a vision it was not designed to detect like inviting humans to see something that hasn't been seen before. In order to do this we need to become pure artist, the purest creator beings we can be, incorruptible. We create the canvas, we create the Master Ancestor, then we create the light electric love energy that hasn't been seen. When you get to this level you're not afraid of creating. You're never going to say "I'm not a creative being". "I have never drawn anything in my life". This voice, those words are coming from the tree of false knowledge, the matrix.

I am the answer from a prayer from my ancestors. These souls communicated together for this form to come here right now to take my electric light love for transformation, liberation all of my ancestors, to liberate this planet, and this solar system. Creating energy in freedom.

This is the breakthrough. To liberate, experiencing energy moving in freedom. This spontaneous act of enlightenment is to see all life in all its potential. There is nothing more beautiful than an activated human. There is nothing to me more beautiful than the pallet of creation in full freedom in itself.

I would also say the soul is a combination of ancestral thoughts. We are not one soul or one being it is a complete realm of intentions from all kinds of beings, the monad conciseness does not even touch the magnitude of this creation. This is creating an entire soul of expression having experiences as this magnificent intention.

I feel that tetrahedron with four points, the top and base three, the fourth point is the light electric in freedom. It is the oneness singularity to all possibilities is the complete tetrahedron. First light. The spark.

Just like when we think a thought like the Vossahedron there is a group of people all over the planet with the same idea, it is call from the ancestors, a call of gravity, crystals, water, and solar system for this to be birthed. It doesn't come through just one person it comes through a whole Galatic soul group that answers these prayers an intentions.

When we say you are the Messiah in your own creations we are saying you are the creative freedom, you are the energy in freedom. Your presence liberates all.

How would we write this language down the light language what would the consciousness physics of this be?

It would be parts of this that describe how to liberate all energy. We are going to need to build organic technology because when we have energy in freedom this gives you boundless access to love, source, for these creations. You don't need a computer when you have energy in freedom. You don't need a telescope you just liberate your mind to experience what ever you want to and know whatever you want to know because the intention of an artist is not to hide anything but to let it show you everything. This to me is abundance in design.

To have compassion in your intention to me comes from a place, the act of letting things be as free as they wan to be.

What is the full free expression of electricity?

Let's tune our forks to understanding plasma in freedom, gravity in freedom, thought in freedom, love in freedom, compassion in freedom. Come up with new ones. When we can start describing this in ways of acting and being then all life ascends.

This to me is the genetics we should be studying. How to liberate amino acids.

The study of genetics and DNA should be the study of liberation of systems.

How did diatoms liberate themselves?

Why do we love books, movies and television?

I feel that books, television and movies are some type of our knowing, the knowing of story telling through our genetics. These are the stories we feel and see that are playing out in our genetics and people. We just don't know that they are happing. We have lost that connection, so we connect in the external instead of the internal of all the beautiful ancestral stories that have happened. All of the organic stories are here for us through our birthright, divine natural access of MANTEL we are the MASTER ANCESTOR genetics, part, present and future in all dimensions.

This is where we start intentionally architecting our DNA..

We have the opportunity to leave a new genetic lineage—a lineage of love.

Please stay tuned the next few emails with be a continuation of this type of architecting DNA.

With love, 


DNA Architect

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