Frequency Entanglement and Super Positioning of Your Soul

Hello Beloved!!

A conversation with sound frequency of the Soul is a direct communication of cosmic quantum phenomena. Soul expression is consciousness, nested entangled frequencial information.

When we start communicating with frequency as an extra sensory gift language we start to understand how multidimensional and super conscious this communication is. Your cosmic DNA is talking to you through dimensions.Understating frequency is key to our super positioning in the omniverse.

How often does something gain enough of our focus to be measured and deeply counted?

When we talk about frequency we usually attribute it to linear description of a sound, a tone playing at a certain rate, or hertz cycles per second. We are shown a sine wave that represents a sound going up and down. This is such a small linear way of showing the power of vibrational sound.When we expand this into multidimensionality terms including spiritual focus, we start understanding frequency as the entangled super positioning your soul's intentions phasing in and out of reality at a very high rate.

You are doing this at the giga hertz and beyond level coming into one focus of an idea, like having and intention of the body, or having and experience in this life. Each micro second and femtosecond, these are millionths and billionths of a second. A femtosecond is 10-15 second or a quadrillion of a second. We are getting to the plank scale of frequency.There are lasers that pulse this fast. Faster than the known speed of light. Visualize super luminal consciousness into hyper acoustic spaces. Hyper space of the soul. Hyper realms. Your soul has the fractal capability of simultaneously to be phasing in and out of realities throughout all creation because we are only one thing, hyper Godparticle. One presence.

This phasing in and out isn't just one tone, it is a very sophisticated elegant texturing that threads a tapestry of presence. This is the sophistication of your holographic blueprint, holocymatics. This includes focus of each cell, fulci of presence, and frequencial signature molecules in your body as cymatic patterns, of this life you are living.

When you do frequency tuning at the DNA level with the layers and strands, something magical and divine starts to happen. The geometrical light threading of vibration frequency as DNA is all the holographic encoded communication of your soul, infinitely. Allowing us to shift our definitions of intentional frequencies with optimal coherence with the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. These are the first 12 dimensions of our souls conscious access (12 strands of DNA) this course is this very experience we are speaking of. Full harmonic soul singularity, a majestic OM if you will in multidimeations becoming in full resonance. The singularity soul omnipresence.

All of this information gets transmitted back and forth in a complete loving thought. A loving thought so immense and grand that one can reveal all the different intentions, focal points phasing in and out at a super scale of fractalization. In "this" life right now. We are living light in motion traveling through what feels like spacetime and timelines.

When we look at the refraction pattern through a crystal, a projection occurs similar to a laser is focused through a crystal. This refraction pattern reveals the structure of DNA in great detail. We can observe the amino acid bonds and tiny molecular structures. Then we can get a clear picture of what it would be like to have a soul generate cymatic presence in a reality that is at the molecular and energetic level. Little tiny unit scales of cubic 3D pixels of reality happening across time. Giving us a sense of motion and time. Allowing us to tap into our fractalizing holographic nature.

One way we are creating time is through the threading in our DNA. Our genetics phasing in and out of reality, back and forth continually at a high rate and dynamic energetic levels. This is how we create an organizing blueprint by drawing a body from positioning each water molecule resonated at the frequency of each thought. Soul sourced intentional cellular mitosis is a divine act of self creation. One way to think of cellular division is to see it as the frequency of the soul's mind. When you communicate with your cells, DNA or blueprints. You are communicating with your soul. Your complete genome is a continuous thought expressed as cellular fractalization through dimensions. The cellular organism in continual creation is the realm we speak of. YOU are creating solar systems, planets, and seeding new energetic life through the cosmos at this very moment.

When we look at tuning DNA layers as conscious dimensional realities that are facilitating the blueprint of matter into physical experience. We are simultaneously creating super senses to experience the ongoing creation. We are refining dimensional awareness into singularity points of presence as communication of the soul's establishing Omnipresence. Tuning these dimensional realities and harmonizing as cellular beings, the harmony of coherence is our god source. The sonoluminescence of holographic projection are frequencies branching fractals through all timelines. A cymatic dance of choreographed waves evolving into hydrogen, then water, and carbon as a high level orchestra of cosmic alchemy.

The intricate tonality is allowing us to be in full flow resonance as a cymatic pattern of a creation. A relative reality. Many in the field of cymatic science and consciousness notice a few constant revelations. One there is always a point in the center like a zero point, an eye the frequency emirates from. Two there seems to always be a cross present, like in the heading picture for this module. When we look at cymatics and you see this cross always present I wonder could this be he key to polarity balancing, zero pointing through the body and dimensions. If there is a cross present every time there is a coherent vibration creation then we can clearly see only coherent creations maintain form and are not in duality. We are creating in four dimensions or more and there is a center point of the creation, zero point that starts the harmonic of the vibration in frequency for things to exist. I don't think so duality exists only coherent stabilization of a creation. If anything its a tirchary. Where there is the wave particle reality, there is also consciousness, the consciousness is the trichary thing that brings it together into form.When expanding our consciousness and awareness of this entire process its a divine language of a cymatic presence.

Like an entire orchestra out of music light language.This is where we are beginning this coherent holographic cymatic soul training orchestration of avatar thinking, detailed and sophisticated. We are creating the instruments of our soul witnessing us as a full creation. We not only have the language of multidimtinal light wave synthesis, we also have the organic aspect of live living performance using natural cosmic instruments, and threading our experiences. Soul frequency music to me is cymatics. It is the most sophisticated sounds to be heard in my life and is created by soul consciousness. Each one of us has had the platforms to understand creation, creativity and art but now were talking about something the encompasses reality synthesis.

We are back once again through the all our journey, seeking, travels to the singularity that is doing this. We are remebering this language. Let's not be afraid of sophistication of complexity because we are multidimensional beings and it is in our nature and birthright to understand every single instrument available to us in creation. Every single conscious science, theory and process, structure a somatic science. We feel there is a limit to how much we can comprehend and this in itself is a matrix structure false belief pattern.We have the capability to contain infinite thoughts of infinite complexities and dimensionality because this is what we are. A continuously evolving, never repeating cymatic sequences orchestrated throughout dimensions and realms. When we can expand our consciousness to achieve this realization. We are closer to understanding what we are. We are seeing with a new set of eyes, organs, pineal, sensory input with 64 senses and gifts.

We are going into this activation and when we say activation we mean revealing and recognition of something we did not include in our reality perception before. All the these scenes, capabilities, light language, just keep coming in more and more through our coding.When we have the unnatural non organic artificial implanted reaction that this is too complicated, i'm not a scientific person, i'm not very creative, this is beyond me because I don't know  math. This is where we need to get to the crux of this reaction and where it came from.

Does it bother you to stand at the edge of the ocean and look at trillions and trillions of varieties of water molecules as waves as the sun is setting.

What do you feel is going on here?

Its infinite complexity and we receive it naturally.

Through these energetic parameters and intricate woven multidimensional communication we know.

This is what we are displaying here is the same with reality creation and creating from loving thought. It is natural and effortless to the Soul.

It is time for us to create new harmonic languages our quantum omni present inner dimensional connectedness.  I feel we desperately want to describe our experiences and we are at a loss of how to to do this. This is the grief that I think people really are feeling, not being able to truly express their soul. Not only internally but also externally. People have lost the ability on how to align all aspects of themselves in soul coherence through all these dimensions. Let alone take this whole eternal living loving light experience and share it with others with the awe inspiring magnificence that it is.I would go so far to say that we are eternal living light and are bioluminescence and this is why it's so difficult for science to prove this because we are working from a place where there is no machine that's fast enough, we are more complex than any machine or computer, our quantum computing already surpasses any quantum computer that can ever be built. We just don't know we are already this.

When we approach this phenomenon with a liquid mind and go into play with neuro holographic cymatic communications of our soul. We create a platform of new brain cells that are in themselves cymatic structures, reflecting the shape of this immense loving thought.

Just like we're revealing sound through cymatics we also revealing the nature of conscious thought. We are going to find very strong visual correlations to light waves as cymatic thoughts flowing throughout aether producing and projecting solar systems and galaxies with love.

This is where I'm going to play.

Cosmic freedom.

With love,
DNA Architect

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