DNA Divine Natural Access: Part 2

Hello Beloved!!
You are a cosmic alchemist. 
This is another expert from the Holographic Human from Cell to Soul course. There is so much in this course - if you don't understand something, know it came from us spending 6 months together--and you can look these things up for yourself. I wanted to share this with all of you to be open to the possibility that with every thought we think we are architecting our DNA. My work is aligned on clearing and re-coding DNA with loving consciousness focused on building new DNA strand fabric through light and geometry. The potential here is creating new holographic projections and reality stabilization  much like what is in this article. This is only one aspect of the cosmic alchemy of divine sciences happening, as the expressions of our soul consciousness through dimensions and creating matter into form. You are already a master alchemist your birth and this body is the proof of this. 


The intention and process of crystallization means bio crystallizing something into genetic form.

How do we have crystalline DNA?

At the molecular level, what happens when something is turning into a crystal is the reorganization of all the molecules into lattices. These bonded structures repeat themselves and together they form very stable organizations. This is why crystals are so hard, because of this very bonding.

One way to describe a crystal is that it is liquid moving at a different dimensional speed than us, it's liquid light. The speed that it's moving at is different than what we perceive it to be. We perceive a crystal to be solid and you can knock on it, but in time a crystal keeps growing and it keeps evolving breaking up into shards, growing more crystals. In fact a crystal can make other crystals grow without touching them.

This is only one dimension of perception.

Now substitute the word crystal for DNA. DNA is forming lattices, forming these really nice organized bonds. When we have anomalies in our DNA, some would say those are birth defects. When we look closer and with a different mind, we could possibly see that they are different frequency messengers that appear like random chaotic assemblies of DNA molecules and we can bring them back to coherent lattices again.

DNA proteins that look like dis-ease, hate, depression, sadness or even higher dimensional encoded information not from this solar system, can be changed or activated through conscious thought. Think of Dr. Emoto's work with water and now think of crystallization in DNA. There are different crystal formations for love and compassion. This is the base seed for something like love with a base frequency 432 Hertz, 528 Hertz or something even higher maybe like tetrahedrons, octahedrons and all the organized lattices we know of right now.


Look at how beautiful this process is. This could be a thought forming itself into an intention that gives rise to these suddenly cascading lattices of stored holographic information. They start out with one seed geometry in the middle, random, chaos and entropic. It's not a bad thing - it is sitting there as potential energy thing- but as soon as it organizes itself into bonds, it creates all these connected thought expressions of your consciousness.

I would say that this is not only energy sitting in potential, but energy in different dimensions waiting for an opportunity to have connection to something in different dimensions, just like cymatics. Cymatics is sound made visible.

One of the beautiful things about cymatics is that it's showing us the deeper multidimensional connections of phasing in and out of realities, just like DNA.

Let's go further with this. We will start with different types of DNA lattices.

Tetrahedron DNA Lattice

I have said many times through these emails and in presentations: We are architecting our DNA with light and geometry.

Here's an Image of Tetrahedron bonds of DNA

There is image is an actual image of a tetrahedron DNA lattice.

Feel into this image.

Look at the image with the tetrahedron inside the cube.

One of the things I like about highlighting the spheres in the corners this where a lot of the alchemical magic happens. These are the realms of holographic information we talk about.

These realms are complete encoded genomes of genetic information. hen tLook at what happens when 3 of these realms connect and an image gets projected. This is holographic information that is being projected through dimensions. This is how our soul is communicating with us through dimensions. Higher aspects of our soul and future timelines are projecting information into this dimension and vice versa. We are projecting information from this reality into other dimensions and timelines.

What realm gets expressed first?

What ever realm of activated light or line of energy is coming in from another aligned connected source, this line of light connects to another realm and then that realm gets exposed first. This realm is like the shadow part we talk about from 4D to 3D to the other parts that gets cast into other dimensions, like a shadow. This is a transference between dimensions.

Here we can start seeing all these dimensional realms of information, aligned in vibration, it's no longer one solid line, like our flat 2D interpretations of geometry. The vibrational lines of the tetrahedron are made up of energy strands. You can start seeing there is a threaded dimension of coiling and vortices within these structures. This is what is being created: one of these rungs, one of these energetic support beams for physical expression.

When we talked about an alchemical tertiary concept, like unity consciousness in one corner, word making manifest in another, the third intention or 3rd realm coming together as a divine natural access (DNA) point of your witnessing aspect of your soul. Your soul consciousness is the organizing light through DNA as a 3 point coordinate system stabilizing soul expression in dimensions and is also quantum.

The next image are particle waves/electron proton magnetics.

This is an image of an electron and proton. Like a blackhole and sun. We use theses same mechanisms with our soul consciousness, organizing all of it. Look at our universe, at the black hole ( Galatic center) and our sun with the planets moving in our solar system, this is very much our direct expanse of our consciousness and physical bodies being made manifest through cosmic alchemy in the mind of GOD.

Take a look at the image in the bottom right corner again. One of the things you can see is this looks like the tree of life in the Kabbalah. Very interesting. Right?!

What all these realms are doing is giving structural strength. The name of this is vector equilibrium. These corners where all the lines connect are vectors and they balance the distribution of weight, energy, and thought very efficiently.

Back to more architecting DNA with tetrahedron lattices.
Images below are scientific renderings of different DNA lattices.

Tetrahedron lattice DNA structures create heat (light) signatures from this thermal imaging picture above. This is an electric scanning micrograph that gives you the distribution of a 3D graph of anneling energy. Annealing is heating. When you create a piece of glass for a window you anneal it, you heat it, the bonds solidify with the heating process and when it cools it trains the shape. Remember your soul is first light, the first spark I have talked about through your birth. Our consciousness is the annealer in these realms think the crystals in your DNA are the window and what is being projected is the Holograhic information of light in your DNA.

Look at the curl and spin on little axes - this is showing us organic DNA nano structure design. What these nano DNA structures are showing is DNA is not flat or looks like this, ( picture below) it's very elegant, sophisticated and is changing space and shapes all the time, with every thought we think in the cosmic mind.

We have an opportunity here to open our minds and genetics to the cosmic alchemy of the Divine Natural Access ( DNA) and its quantum potential. DNA it is not what we have been led to believe or can be measured by this present science because it doesn't account for our soul.

This is an image of actual DNA crystals. Aspects of our crystalline DNA.
Take a look at this next image below. Look at this chaotic activated state of DNA - it's all strangely spiraled, unorganized, and oddly curled. It's open to connect at the ends where the other loops back into each other. It almost appears that it loops back into a false narrative. The others look alive and activated they feel like they can connect to other stories and potential expressions. These are the patterns and programs that keep getting played or through DNA. This is how they keep cycling through our genetics and in our lives. They can be brought into vibrational coherence through intention where you can gain clarity and became soul sourced to create something new outside old programs.
Next lets look at Organic and Non Organic Genetic Technology
Image of carbon and graphite nano structures.

It is very clear here in this image what is an organic nano structure and what is a non organic nano technology structure. These false nano DNA technologies are imitating our natural genetic coding. They are trying to communicate with our genetics. Trying to interact with them to receive intel from our DNA and corrupt the coding. Organic natural nano DNA structures are incredibly beautiful and contains divine messaging in them. It is of upmost importance to keep our genetics organic. You can feel all kinds of things from this image with organic vs non organic technology.

My next mission is to create DNA structures to reverse false nano technology through genetics by communication with the original elements of these technologies, the original oneness of creation. Coming soon...

Cube DNA Lattices

The cube is a representation of amino acid sequences that forms more complex bonds.

Look what happens when they get more complex.

Look above at this cube of graphite this is what is in a vaccine, but far more sophisticated because its programmed and designed for a specific intention. Now we're getting to see thoughts. How our minds can create or destroy with intentions at the very elements of creation.

Onto other different lattice structures in DNA.

Diamond  DNA lattice

Look at the one where they cage partially in the center to create a diamond.

You can go from an amino acid combination to a diamond by adding the center singularity - the center balancing point. Interesting to think about the diamond DNA and singularity.

Here is a seed of life.
In creating a lattice, one of the most stable structures are carbon nano tubes. Carbon nano tubes are little tube-like technologies that organize particles into long cylinders. This is the basis for creating a material like carbon fiber, with which you can make organized structures, they are tiny and super stable without falling apart. I'm sharing this because we use the cylinder from our course to create stability for more flow of light and energy through our DNA.
Nature is our ancestor here to remind us of who we are.. They are masters of multidimensional symbiosis, like the crystal kingdom.
Crystalline DNA

I was looking at a pane of selenite, examining it with a magnifying glass for about an hour one day. First I noticed how much information is embedded in what we can see with the help of a magnifying glass. There are growth patterns on the crystals surface, a skin that has little bumps that form two outside layers of imagery. Then inside of it, where subsequent layers of imagery exist, that was 3D in form. There are different ways of seeing this. If you look head-on facing the crystal, you can see the different layers.  I was visualizing these layers and at the same time one of the things my brain was doing was to understand and examine it in a new way. One thing my whole body-brain was focusing on was the different planes inside the crystal. You focus on one plane then another and another, different features revealed themselves. This right here is an exercise in dimensional tunneling. If I focus on this, I see one thing if I focus on that, I see another. Go back and forth. Then I practiced a few other things. How much are hard 3D etched features, some were bumps that formed triangles, Gods eyes shapes. How much was light reflected there between shapes, there was shadowing between one layer and another. The shadow in-between caused another 3D shape that looked like little fractal landscapes of mountains.

How much of this selenite was iridescent and when you turned it, just at the right angle, a pattern would show up that was wavy like frequency waves. When I focused on this pattern it taught my visual system to see it, then I saw it expressed all over the place. There were places with more patterns and contour lines that looked like magnetic waves and plasma waves-like they were moving. It's all in the way your eyes see it.

How can we perceive moving light and holographic structures?

This was telepathic communication with this entity. It was teaching me while I was looking at it. I was asking it to show me how to see the crystal, and to guide me to new structures. So I put the crystal to my eyes and looked up at the sun. The sun shines through and puts patterns on your face. I saw these multidimensional patterned crystals. You can examine the shadows of it. Then I turned on the black light at night and saw it glowed with the black light and magnifying glass. We haven't even gotten to the laser yet. This is just examining a piece of nature without any expectations, without anything other than it show me, howt to activate it. We can do that with our DNA.

Once I felt I was synchronized with the crystal, it taught me to close my eyes and put the crystal on my head, I started seeing energy, crystal energy. Without having to have my eyes open, seeing with my inner vision that the crystal taught me how to see.

Now when you go back to the basic building blocks of crystal structures it has opened up other artistic opportunities.

This innocence of exploring was one of my wonder moments in a day. Each day I want to have a wonder mystical moment fractal experience.

Here is an image of DNA protein crystals

If we start interacting and communicating with energies of plasma, electrically, doors open.

What might we find DNA quantum tunneling through genetic crystals.

I bet you would see some amazing phenomena the more you communicate with your DNA. The more dimensions we can stack on top of each other the more our bodies learn to see dimensions. When you remove the crystal lens it's teaching you crystal vision. When you take it off, then you learn what patterns to look for in gravity, sound and other thoughts made visible by your soul.

What are the holocymatic technologies for thought intention?

I would love to have a solution to being able to see our thoughts. I feel the first module of this course is a start to this organic technology.

Do thoughts look like what we see in front of us?

Do thoughts look like cities, people and mountains?

What do they look like?

This why I like the holographic sight technique we learn in this - it is so potent and powerful, because it gives us the opportunity to examine the multidimensional fabric of our bodies with our own inner vision. Deeper and deeper with the question of "show me". We are not just bones, muscles, tissue, but when you journey deep inside you see light, photons, shifting holographic structures, realms and then you go into spaces in-between spaces. This teaches you how to move forward in dimensions between the spaces of spaces. This is a beautiful gift.

As a creative opportunity what does your DNA look like?

How would you architect your DNA?

These are the blueprints we follow.

It's not important that you understand everything here. What is important that you are open to see that the braiding of these geometries is the fabric of our DNA. With every thought we think they are changing and we can consciously architect them and create stable realities as the new human and the new earth. I hope this blew your mind a little bit!


With love, 


DNA Architect

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