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Welcome to the Speaker Promotion Center

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I am so excited to have you as a featured guest during “The DNA Code and Multidimensional Living Summit” online video interview series!

Promotional Materials:

Below you will find all the promotional materials and swipe copy you need to let your community know about the Series.

Promotional Period:

The pre series promotional dates are Monday, October 29th – Sunday, November 11th, 2018.  All solo emails and newsletter blurbs need to be sent during this period. Please send an email to acurda1212@gmail.com and let us know which date you will be sending your required solo emails.

For those of you are supporting the Series’ marketing beyond the original requirements, please share your blogs, podcasts, social media marketing and customized events during this period as well. 


For support or questions, please reach out to me at acurda1212@gmail.com. You will either hear back from me or someone from my support team.

With Love and purpose,


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Speaker Affiliate Links

Debbra Lupien                                   https://livingyourdnacode.com/DL2

Sherry Mosley                                    https://livingyourdnacode.com/SM2

Rea Chandon                                      https://livingyourdnacode.com/RC2

Jennifer Hough                                     https://livingyourdnacode.com/JH3

Lori Spanga                                           https://livingyourdnacode.com/LS2

Jean Logan                                             https://livingyourdnacode.com/JL2

Judith Hill                                               https://livingyourdnacode.com/JH4

Shreen Sun                                          https://livingyourdnacode.com/SUN

Cathy Arce                                             https://livingyourdnacode.com/CA2

Sven Oliver Heck                               https://livingyourdnacode.com/SOH2

Katharina Felice                                   https://livingyourdnacode.com/KF2

Solara Sophia                                        https://livingyourdnacode.com/SS3

Daniel Giamaro                                  https://livingyourdnacode.com/DAN

Dr. Stephen Farmer                            https://livingyourdnacode.com/DSF2

Christof Melchezideck                         https://livingyourdnacode.com/CM2

Maria Christina Owl                            https://livingyourdnacode.com/OWL

Ernesto Oritz                                        https://livingyourdnacode.com/EO2

Dr. Gaberial Cousens                      https://livingyourdnacode.com/DGC2

Sky Kurbby                                            https://livingyourdnacode.com/SKY

Keren-or-Atari                                       https://livingyourdnacode.com/KA

Ariella Indigo                                         https://livingyourdnacode.com/AI2

Jennifer Riley                                         https://livingyourdnacode.com/JH4

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire                     https://livingyourdnacode.com/AAH

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Subject: Ready to Activate your DNA?

Dear (Name),

Because you are important to me I knew you’d want to see this.

My colleague Acurda Melchizedek has put together this powerful interview series, The DNA Code and Multidimensional Living Summit, featuring 21 experts (including me!) who are sharing their personal breakthroughs and transformations around the understanding and decoding DNA and living our highest truth and how it has transformed their lives.

Wait until you here some of these amazing stories of transformation!

The interviews are about 45 minutes long, and you can listen from anywhere!

The most important steps I ever took towards completely transforming my life and health was listening and healing my DNA.   [OR you can change this to include something more specific – like what it did for your health, the animals or the environment], I talk about it in this interview. I know the same goes for the other 20 experts who share their stories. This interview series has the power to profoundly change your life and the global mindset.

Grab your free spot by clicking this link >> Your affiliate link

You’re also going to get 21 free gifts – one from each speaker, so you can begin to take action right away towards creating your new lifestyle transformation of a RADIANT being.

I really want to support you in feeling empowered to live your souls highest purpose with vibrant health with great manifestation. You get to create everything you desire. I know we all want optimum health and a deep understanding our true human potential. I know that the support of a high vibrational community helps.

This is your opportunity to access this free life changing series. Visit [your affiliate link] to get access now!

Your sign off

Here’s that link again. >> your affiliate link >>

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Subject: Would you like to know about the truth of your DNA?

Be honest [name]. Do you want more? 

More vibrant health?

More energy?

More mental clarity?

More manifestation?

More awareness?

More abundance in all aspects of your life?

I know how that feels. I remember when I was searching for more [include a short story about a time when you faced a  challenge in your personal or professional life.]

That was a challenging time in my life.

What I needed (and eventually got) was a breakthrough around how my health of mind body soul connection and the truth of decoding my DNA! [you can personalize the choice of words] – a completely new mindset about what it means to live vibrantly and realize my own human potential.

And it changed my life in so many amazing ways!

That’s why I was thrilled when I heard The DNA Code and Multidimensional  Living was the topic of Acurda Melchizedek’s new interview series, and that she wanted to talk to me!

She asked me how I transformed my life with my unique gifts, listening to my highest souls work and what got me started on this journey when I was not sure how it would all play out. 

I could tell you what I told her, now in this email, but I’d prefer you hear it live “in the moment”, as this conversation was so good!

Click here to register >> YOUR LINK and you will not only hear my own story, but the stories of 20 other incredible, highly respected doctors, healers, , authors and coaches…

Women and men just like you who have struggled through challenges that many people would have given up on!

Each guest in The DNA Code and Multidimensional Living Video Summit will tell you hers/his story.

And how YOU can transform your life with healing and decoding your DNA too.

This video summit is totally free!

Will you join us?

Click here to register. >> YOUR LINK

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My friend, Acurda Melchizedek, life’s work is understanding the decoding and activating of DNA, she is hosting a free online video interview series called The DNA Code and multidimensional living summit, for anyone who wants learn how to heal and activate their DNA and or is curious about our human potential through the light in our DNA.. I’m thrilled to be one of the 21 hand-picked influencers interviewed for this empowering event. Gain access to these truly educational, inspiring conversations and gain a new perspective about what DNA  can do as each influencer helps shift you into action to have a MONUMENTAL change in YOUR own HEALTH while also making a positive IMPACT on the PLANET! This is an amazing opportunity to not only hear about valuable scientific research, but profound personal experiences, and practical tools that will significantly advance you in the pursuit of your most outstanding health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting online event.

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Join me as I am interviewed by Acurda Melchizedek, DNA Architect, host of the “DNA Code and multidimensional living” video series, where we discuss, #healing and activating our DNA options and solutions to help you have a MONUMENTAL change in YOUR own HEALTH while also making a positive IMPACT on the PLANET! You don’t want to miss this. Gain FREE access to this exciting and educational video series here…

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Watch my interview with Acurda Melchizedek, DNA Architect as we discuss #dnablueprinting  #livingyourdna #multidimensionalliving #ancestrallineage #lightlanguage #spirtitualnutrition #vibrationalhealing #12standsofdna #sacredgeometry #rainbowbody

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Join me as I am interviewed by Acurda Melchizedek! In her #dnaandmultidimensionallivingsummit –– Video Interview Series –– we discuss # the truth of DNA so you can have a MONUMENTAL change in your OWN health while making a POSITIVE impact on the PLANET!

#dnablueprinting  #livingyourdna #multidimensionalliving  #ancestrallineage #lightlanguage #spirtitualnutrition #vibrationalhealing #12standsofdna #sacredgeometry #rainbowbody

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