Dr. Gabriel Cousens

More about Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Gabriel Cousens is the author of fourteen internationally acclaimed books including Conscious Parenting and Spiritual Nutrition. Known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live, plant-source nutrition, Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally. He holds an M.D. from Columbia Medical School, a doctorate in homeopathy, and diplomas in Ayurveda, clinical acupuncture, and holistic medicine. His multi-cultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and a four-year Native American sundancer, adds insight to his “whole-person enlightenment” teachings. Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation. In his book, There Is A Cure For Diabetes, Dr. Cousens presents unparalleled results from his center’s program for reversing diabetes naturally. Dr. Cousens is currently sees patients at his Holistic Health Practice in Patagonia, Arizona.

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