Cathy Arce

More about Cathy Arce

Cathy is an intuitive Soul Guide Priestess. She is trained in yoga psychology and energy work and holds various yoga, energy and bodywork certifications. She is an advanced Soul Plan practitioner from the Holistic Healing College and is also certified in the Aroma Freedom Technique and Spiritual Aromatherapy. Cathy is on a mission to create more love and connection anchoring Goddess energy in the planet, and she does this by supporting women cherish their Divine Feminine mysteries and embrace their Soul´s Purpose. Through her acquired knowledge, spiritual path and intuition she supports others in finding their way towards their Highest Potential. She helps her clients release their blocks, transmute their challenges, enhance their talents and achieve their goals. Cathy´s Soul Destiny is to be the Divine Supporter. As she serves, she is served. She supports people worldwide in person and online.

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